Brunch at the Brindle Room

After trying out the Brindle Room burger at Googa Mooga I just had to go to the original and make sure that delicious char wasn’t a fluke. The burger is only available at brunch time, a meal Mr. T hates so I was already a little nervous about a bad showing…I had no need to be.

The burger came out on a huge plate piled high with french fries and some seriously enormous slices of pickle.

This burger was perfect in the middle and man oh man was that char ever present.  The outside was encased in a salty, buttery shell from the griddle.  This is really not a cheeseburger for the faint of heart- it is seriously rich.

I had to have a few sips of Mr. T’s house made lemonade to refresh before our dessert arrived.

A piping hot Salted Caramel doughnut- also only available at brunch.  I really enjoyed the Brindle Room- it’s such a cute and cozy spot- even Mr. T enjoyed himself.  With brunch items like Potato Chip Frittata, Shrimp & Grits and Biscuits & Gravy it’s almost a certainty that we’ll be doing return trip.

And Good Beer is just one block away- Beer Flights!

Good Beer NYC