Big Apple BBQ

It was another fabulous year at the Big Apple BBQ!  Mr. T and I couldn't get over the fact that the first one was 10 years ago.  Holy Smokes we're old.  Here's a run down on some food.

I started out Saturday morning in the Ed Mitchell line.

I couldn't decide between the Whole Hog or Whole Turkey so I got one of both.

Then it was over to Big Bob Gibson where I had the best Pork Shoulder sandwich I've possibly ever had.

Baby Back Ribs from Pappy's Smokehouse.

Smoked Sausage and Pimento Cheese from Jim 'N Nick's.

Checkered Pig St. Louis Style Ribs.

Not pictured because it was devoured too quickly were Baby Back Ribs from 17th Street and some seriously delicious baked beans.

I returned on Sunday with Mr. T and we enjoyed some beers in the sun while listening to the music.  It was another fantastic event in the park and truly a not miss event for meat eaters and BBQ lovers everywhere.

I look forward to the next decade of BBQ madness.