Ponty Bistro

Ponty Bistro quietly opened up in my neighborhood sometime last year and although it never looks very busy it seems to draw a good crowd from the Yelp reviews I’ve seen. I had worked through lunch the other day so I could take a half day for some serious shopping and right around 3:30 I was close to home and hunger pains were starting to get serious.

I walked right by Ponty bistro and noticed a sign outside for a two course lunch for $14.95. A quick check of the menu showed Cesar Salad and a Lobster Club Sandwich as options. Just like that my decision was made and I walked inside the empty restaurant and got a seat among the comfortable but fitting African Sculptures and throw pillows.

Ponty describes its’ cuisine as African Fusion. There wasn’t too much fusion going on in my Cesar Salad. Nice big pieces of Parmesan cheese, creamy dressing and light on the salt and pepper. Thank goodness- I hate when my Cesar’s are over seasoned. The Black Olives gave just a little twist on the classic and it totally worked in my book.

The Lobster Club had me from the moment I read eyes on the chalkboard outside; but the final product was overcooked and stringy. The meat was so well done it was almost impossible to bite into and I literally had to tear it apart. It was unfortunate because the pesto sauce on top spicy mayo bottom really had great combination of flavor.

The fries on the other hand, while not completely uniform, were tasty. Most of them had a super crunchy exterior, fluffy interior and fantastic seasoning.

The staff at Ponty Bistro all seemed to speak French and be friends. It was nice to watch the friendly banter among coworkers but challenging to when it came time for some customer attention. Overall the service was sufficient but if the place had any more customers I would be worried. Overall Ponty was a mixed bag- there are too many other great places in our area for me to warrant a return visit anytime soon.