Legal Seafoods

So I’ve almost caught up to Mexico. Saturday morning I woke up knowing I only had two more days to get things accomplished. The night before Mr. T and I realized we had bought nothing for ourselves yet. I mean sandals, sunglasses, clothing, nothing. Somehow we forgot in all of the craziness. I had a mini breakdown because of this and about a hundred other things and after I calmed down Mr. T suggested we take a trip to the Westchester Mall.

Well that ended up being the best idea ever. I actually ended up buying nothing but Mr. T found everything he needed and it was a nice escape from the city. After the Westchester we walked down in the freezing cold winds to Legal Seafood’s. Now I know this is a chain restaurant but it was pretty damn good.

To start we had the Blackened Raw Tuna Sashimi with sesame chili vinaigrette, seaweed salad and wasabi. The tuna itself was very good. It had been pan seared so the outside was a little crisp and the inside was perfectly rare. Unfortunately the chili sauce was poured on quite unevenly. One piece would be nicely spiced, another piece would have me frantically grabbing my water glass.

My Main course was the simple Grilled Haddock with Béarnaise Butter, coleslaw and steamed broccoli. The fish was excellent. It was quite a thick piece of haddock and each meaty slice was super moist from the wood grill. I loved the béarnaise sauce on the side but beware- that lemon isn’t just a lemon. I squeezed some on my fish and realized it was butter as well. Who butters up a lemon?

Overall I thought Legal Seafood was excellent for a chain restaurant. After dinner we quickly hit up the Galleria (where I bought some sunglasses due to the bottle of wine we had at dinner) then hopped on a train back home.

The next morning we awoke- found our Welcome Bags in Chinatown, did some last minute packing and then had dinner at Nolita House where I had fish tacos. I realized after that fish tacos were probably a ridiculous order since we were on our way to Mexico but whatever. That was it- there was nothing left to do until we arrived but try and get some sleep. And you know what- I actually did.