The Mermaid Inn

Mr. T and I enjoyed an early dinner the other day at the Mermaid Inn and made use of a fantastic Blackboard Eats coupon as well. For only $1 I bought a coupon that entitled us to 30% off our meal and a free drink for each of us. Score!

The drinks were limited to one red or white wine or a Sea breeze and both of us chose the latter. Then we each started out with the Cesar Salad.

Looking at this picture you can see there is a TON of Parmesan cheese on top. The amount was definitely a little ridiculous but is was seriously good and so satisfying. Both of us completely finished our plates which is big for Mr. T who isn’t exactly a salad fan. For my main course I ordered the Seared Montauk Skate with organic root vegetables, caper berry and soy brown butter sauce.

I thought this dish was executed perfectly. The skate was moist and the addition of soy to the brown butter sauce gave it a nice salty flair that I really enjoyed. Mr. T. ordered the Grilled Alaskan King Salmon with green lentils, red pepper and chili flakes.

I didn’t try the fish because of my salmon allergy but Mr. T seemed to really like it. I was surprised since lentils aren’t exactly his thing either but he said they were a nice cooling contrast to the spicy fish.

As always the meal ended with a cup of chocolate pudding and that damn fortune telling fish. Stupid thing never works for me. However I love the Mermaid Inn so much I put up with it each time. Next time I’m coming here for their happy hour which looked fantastic!