Monday in Mexico

So Monday morning Mr. T and I flew out of NYC (during the last snowstorm of the winter) and down to Puerto Vallarta. We had a somewhat sad layover in Chicago where Shamrock Shake signs were everywhere only to find out the machine was broken. Boo :(

However we arrived safe and sound and settled into our hotel that would soon be filled with 38 of our closest friends and family. This was a very small resort called Playa Fiesta and we had the entire place to ourselves. How awesome is that!

Our first order of business Monday was selecting a welcome and wedding cocktail for our guests. This meant we had to spend Monday night doing a cocktail tasting! Above are three of the at least 20 cocktails our bartender Eamonn so wonderfully concocted for us. Miami Vice’s, Banana Pina Coladas (my suggestion), Mango Mojitos…everything! I would have paid about $100 for a tasting like that in the city.

Then Tuesday morning we awoke to a fantastic spread for breakfast. Look at all this food! This was just my order! See that French Toast way in the back...that little guy? That was Mr. T.'s the rest was all for me. I was really starting to like the way this married life was looking:)