March Madness with Momofuku and Beer

It's the most wonderful time of year again! No not Christmas- March Madness!! The next few weeks are all about basketball and beer people. I swung by Momofuku the other day and picked up some game day rations. Pretzel cake truffle with malted pretzel crumbs. Sound pretty crazy right?

Crazy awesome that is!! They almost taste like a savory Graham Cracker with a hint of molasses and a long salty finish. This kind of treat begs for something more refreshing than a glass of milk. This calls for a nice cold beer.

So after getting the truffles I walked over to my new favorite beer store, Good Beer and picked up a few delicious new brews to enjoy. They had just gotten some Breckenridge beers in the day before and I was psyched to try out this brewery I had heard so much about.

Once home I cracked open the Amber which poured a very minimal head with slight lacing on the glass. The taste was light with some toasty notes and a bit of cherry on the end. A very drinkable beer and absolutely perfect for pairing with my Pretzel Cake Truffle. Mmmmm Beer, Pretzel Truffles and Basketball. March Madness Rules!

Good Beer

Momofuku Milk Bar


Those truffle balls are STUPIDLY delicious!!! I could eat like 8 of them in one sitting!! And congrats on your marriage :)