My Best of 2010 List

It’s that time of year again when I look back on all the food and drink consumed over the past year and remember some of the highlights.

Best Fish Dish- Marea
The Red Snapper with marinated salsify, brussel sprouts, fresh pancetta and soba is by far the best fish dish of this year and maybe best fish dish ever! The Snapper was cooked so perfect and had such bold flavor it was simply wonderful.

Runner up- Bohemian
The Grilled Branzino with seasonal vegetables was moist, succulent and absolutely enormous. This dish could feed two to three people very happily.

Best New Take on Foie Gras- John Michaels
One word- foiejitas. Silky, sweet hand held appetizer that completely changed the way I look at foie gras.

Best Surprise Dining Experience- Two Toms
It wasn’t fancy and there were definitely some misses (antipasto plate) but the whole experience was simply a blast. I loved grabbing my own drinks from the fridge in back and that Eggplant Rollatini dish is something dreams are made of!

Best Desserts- Momofuku Milk Bar
They have luscious layered banana cake, crazy kinds of cookies and some rocking chocolate malt cake but it’s the cake truffles that stole my heart. Barely cooked cake batter, rolled into little balls and topped with crunchy crumbles that seem to melt into your mouth and are so very addictive.

Best Restaurant Week Meal- The Modern Bar Room
I hit up a lot of RM meals this year- Aureole, Lure, Maialino, the Boat Club, but the Modern Bar room was the best. My duck appetizer was rich and satisfying, the tuna and sweetbread entrée worked like magic together and the dessert…that Dark Chocolate Pistachio Dome was to die for!

Best Brunch Dish- Maialino
The Amaticiana al Forno was so warm, rich and homey I felt like someone was hugging me as I went through bite by bite.

Runner Up- Dos Caminos
The Machacado Breakfast tacos filled with machaca style beef, scrambled eggs, salsa and Vermont cheddar cheese was some of the best tasting hangover food I’ve ever had in my life. The only reason they got runner up was because the service was so bad.

Best Cocktail- Gramercy Tavern
Ah yes- The Rickshaw Cocktail. Just a simple blend of vodka, lime, basil and simple syrup. It was cool, refreshing and wonderful.

Best New Opening- Eataly
I can’t help it- I absolutely love this place. From the fresh seafood and meat counters to the handmade pastas and wonderful desserts. Eataly has just about everything I need. Oh yeah- and some fabulous wine and cheese. And a rooftop beer garden coming next year! Yeah I love it!!

Best Onion Preparation – Union Square Café
I know this is kind of a strange category to have but it’s true. The sweet, red onion that accompanies the Tuna Burger is absolutely divine. Try it believe me.

Best New Beer Shop- Good Beer
They have hundreds of different kinds of beer, the owners are super friendly and you can drink while you shop- enough said.

Best Overall Meal- Daniel
The service was impeccable, the atmosphere was refined and the food was absolutely amazing. Daniel hit on all cylinders and I cannot wait to return. Easily my choice for best of the year.

Best Dish to get in right under 2010 and most definitely being eaten the most in 2011- Meatball Shop
The category says it all. I will eat the living daylights out of this sandwich in 2011. I’m serious. I may move down to the LES just to be closer. Review to come next week.

So there you have it! 2010 in a quick run down. It was a fabulous year to live in my neighborhood and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. We’ll see how I did on my 2010 wish list and check out my 2011 Wish List on New Year’s Day.