La Piazza at Eataly

Although I love everything Eataly has to offer, I would have to say the enoteca in the middle if probably my favorite part. I love the tall marble tables and how every other section intersects here in the middle. It’s just always got a lively, bustling vibe that’s almost electric. After Motorino Sunday night we stopped back in for a bottle of wine and some snacks.

For wine we ordered a bottle of Morellino Di Scansano, one of the first red wines Batali really turned me onto during a visit to Otto. It’s just a light, easy drinking red that works well with multiple kinds of food. And I just happen to love the bottle.

What’s wine without some meat and cheese? For a snack we ordered the fresh made Mozzarella with San Daniele Prosciutto. I absolutely love this type of prosciutto. It’s slightly sweeter and saltier than the Parma and really gets a boost from a little olive oil and cheese. The mozzarella was tasty but I really wish they would begin selling Burrata as well. The turnover at Eataly is so high I’m sure they would power through that cheese no problem.

One interesting thing to note- there was a DJ spinning tunes in the Piazza all night. I come to Eataly all the time and have never encountered this? Anyone else? Maybe it’s only on Sunday nights? I have to say I loved it. Eataly seemed transformed from just a high end market to an underground club. It was pretty interesting and actually fit the space.



Anonymous said…
we do sell burrata.
Anonymous said…
That Sunday Night there was a special event going on. A bottle of Moretti beer was given to anyone ordering a plate at La Piazza. They also brought in a DJ to play fabulous music. It was a special evening.