Holiday Fun at Celsius

Mr. T and I had another wonderful visit with his family in Florida this past Thanksgiving. Besides just an amazing turkey spread we were treated to a vertical tasting of Pahlmeyer Cabernets, a ton of hard to find craft beers and the best eggplant parmesan I have ever had in my life- period. It was an awesome trip and so good to see family again! We flew back Friday night and Saturday morning I woke up fresh and excited to jump right into the holiday spirit some more.

I did some shopping, toured around the Union Square holiday stalls and just enjoyed the chilly air of this glorious season. I had so much fun walking around I kind of forgot to eat. I got home around 3:00 and was starving. So in continuation of my holiday spirit Mr. T and I went up to Bryant Park and their seasonal restaurant Celsius.

I’ll admit the glass windowed building looks a little strange in the park but it’s quite a fun and different experience. Mr. T had never seen it before so he was a little surprised. We both felt like tourists in our own city. In keeping with those feelings we decided to be ultimate tourists and eat lunch outside right by the rink.

Large heat lamps sat above each table and although it was only about 45 degrees the lamp created a ton of warmth. So much so that my face felt like it was melting off at points.

Now we weren’t expecting much from the food at this place- it was all about the atmosphere. That being said Mr. T’s Mac n’ Cheese was actually fantastic. It arrived inside a cast iron skillet, the perfect vessel for keeping the pasta steaming hot and juicy.

Inside the browned crunchy top lay an ultra creamy blend of three cheeses. I’m not sure but if I had to guess I would say it was a blend of Cheddar, American and Gruyere with a small amount of béchamel making it incredibly rich . For only $12 this was a hearty, filling and delicious dish I didn’t expect to find at such a touristy spot.

Ahh! Here we go! My steamed shrimp dumplings were exactly what I had expected here. I know- don’t point fingers. Who orders dumplings when Chinatown’s best are $8 less and only a train ride away. Oh well- I had a craving and went for it. The dumpling skin was thin and rubbery and the inside lacked flavor. However the soy ginger sauce was tasty so I just dunked each dumpling in there and tried not to think about it.

Dumplings aside Mr. T and I really enjoyed our lunch in the park. We definitely felt out of our comfort zone with all of the kids and Europeans surrounding us. Every table outside was filled and we were the only ones without a bottle of champagne on our table. But sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

We got to see some crazy ice skaters, lots of holiday shoppers and even the zamboni came out to clean the ice. Overall it was quiet a pleasant little holiday lunch.