Back to our Neighborhood Gem Giorgio's

I’m so lucky to live where I do. Over the past year about 5 new places have opened up near by which are all awesome. Eataly, The Hurricane Club and Hill Country Chicken just to name a few. But even before these places existed we had a slew of neighborhood favorites. Gramercy Tavern of course, L’Express and good old Giorgio’s of Gramercy.

It had been a couple years since we last pulled back the black velvet curtain and stepped inside the narrow red antique space that houses Giorgio’s. Interestingly enough we were seated at the same table we get every time. Maybe they remembered? Probably not but it was nice regardless.

The chef started us out with a Smoked Trout and Cream Cheese Crostini. The smokiness of the fish and rich cream cheese played perfectly off each other and really excited my taste buds- just as an amuse bouche should.

For my main I ordered the Caramelized Sea Scallops with cauliflower fondue, fava bean, golden raisins, cauliflower salad and balsamic glaze. Wow- this dish was enormous. Usually when I order scallops I get only three or four. Here I was given six large scallops cooked to perfection with a sweet caramelized top and juicy soft inside. Although there was a ton of stuff on this dish everything really worked. I’m not a huge cauliflower fan but roast it up with some sweet golden raisins, nutty beans and a good douse of balsamic and I’m yours.

Mr. T went the meat route and ordered the Grilled NY Steak Pave with house cut fries, roasted shallots and sea salt. Man what is it about roasting that just brings out the best flavor of any vegetable. The large shallot and bloody meat were a match made in heaven- although the steak was slightly too firm. The fries were a big surprise. They look like my mortal enemy the Steak Fry (an abomination of mushy potato interior and limp pallid exterior). However these actually had some depth. The outside was super crunchy and held the sea salt well and the inside was quite delicate. These actually reminded me more of a pomme frite than a steak fry.

We had been planning to order dessert but unfortunately our service got way too harried towards the end. It was obvious from the start that our waiter was new after stumbling all over the specials for that day. That’s just fine- however we never saw him again after receiving our entrees. Someone else gave us dessert menus and after about 10 minutes I just flagged down another waiter for our check. It was alright though- we were pretty stuffed anyway. So we finally returned to one of our favorite little places and it’s nice to know it’s still doing well. New things come and go but some things are meant to stay.