The Mason Jar

I had a hair appointment in midtown Saturday and after it was finished I spent the day in full on Christmas mode. I did all the 5th avenue windows, toured The Plaza and St. Regis, hit up the tree at Rockefeller center, did a quick stint in Times Square and then all the way back across through Bryant Park to Grand Central. I think I spent about 5 full hours just walking around the city non-stop. By the time I got home I was ready to just chill out with some beers and college football so we headed up to the newly opened Mason Jar.

The name of this place makes me laugh. Back in college there was a restaurant called the Mason Jar. It was literally the only restaurant in our dinky little college town and one block from our apartment. Mr. T and I would walk down at least two times a week and order the same thing every time. Ham and cheese sandwich for me and a Shrimp Basket for him. We were quite the culinary masters back then!

Anyway- back from my trip down memory lane. This Mason Jar is more bar than restaurant with huge plasma TV’s all over the walls and quite a good selection of beers on tap.

I actually went for a beer flight. I had already had everything they offered on tap but beers flights make me happy. If I could eat and drink everything in sample sized format I would. I had a Duvel, Goose Island Harvest, Sixpoint Righteous Rye and a Hennepin.

For dinner we decided to order a variety of appetizers. I had been very excited about the wings since the group next to me had been chowing down on some and they looked large and meaty. However when ours came out I noticed they were much smaller. They offer about four different flavors of wings, maybe they reserve the big ones for something other than Buffalo wings? I’m not sure however I did really like the flavor of the ones we got. The sauce was pretty spot on- slightly sweet up front with a long, lingering, spice that stayed on.

Unfortunately our next appetizer didn’t do as well. Spinach and Artichoke dip is a pretty standard bar order but man they really made this a mess. The consistency of the dip was like soupy water with large chunks of artichoke and sausage in the mix. The spinach was in gloppy pools throughout and the whole thing just really didn’t taste or look good.

Our final appetizer fared the best- deviled eggs. These were actually a special that day and they were perfect. The inside was super creamy and had just the right hint of mustard and paprika.

I’m not sure I will be running back to the Mason Jar for its’ food anytime soon but it was decent. The beer selection and huge TV’s are much more the draw to this place. Overall it was a decent little sports bar.