After a wonderful and lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends we came home from Florida on Friday happy but a little tired.

Saturday came and we had more company come and stay with us for the weekend.

By the time Sunday night rolled around I was exhausted and decided to take a much needed break and took the day off on Monday.

I slept in late and decided to treat myself to lunch. I was planning to meet Mr. T for his lunch break at my favorite burger joint P.J. Clark's but then Mr T had to cancel last minute.

Well I had already been craving a burger so I decided to head downtown instead and finally check out Prune.

Walking into Prune I immediately felt comfortable in the small and homey space. It was quite empty with only a group of four, two couples and another solo diner.

I wasn't sure if it would get crowded so I decided to just have a seat at the tiny bar.

Again, I love the feel of the place. The sun was streaming in the big open windows and it was the perfect day to sit and people watch.

I knew what I was here for so after a very quick look at the menu I went with my gut feeling and ordered the burger and a glass of wine.

About 20 minutes later this ridiculously awesome looking plate of food found it's way to my seat.

This is Prune's Grilled Hamburger on an English Muffin with Cheddar Cheese.

Words cannot explain how freakin good this burger was.

At first I tried to pick the whole thing up at once and I was covered in drippy buttery and greasy goodness.

Seriously, there was just juice flowing out of the side.

Then I cut it in half and found the burger much more manageable.

This burger is 80% beef and 20% lamb which definitely gave it a richer and juicer texture than a regular burger.

The nooks of the English Muffin were a perfect way to keep the greasy goodness inside. Although I think they had already been slathered with quite a liberal amount of butter. This is not a burger to eat if you're watching your weight- that's for sure!!!

This is truly a decadent and amazing burger that is worth every penny of it's $12.00 price tag. Honestly, they could charge a ton more if they wanted to.

I am a ketchup fiend and I didn't even think about putting it on my burger once! There was so much flavor I didn't want to change anything at all.

The fries were also pretty good. Thin and crisp with just the right amount of salt.

Man oh Man, everything was good but this burger was fantastic.

So good, it may even be my new favorite high end burger! It is in close competition with P.J. Clark's that's for sure.

Another nice thing I loved about Prune was the service. Everyone was super sweet and it was just the kind of place you want to hole up in with a bottle of wine and some loved ones.

Prune makes me feel all happy inside :) A truly fantastic lunch.