Best of 2008

Holy Crap! There's only two weeks of 2008 left!!!!

Well Time Out New York just came out with its best picks for food and drink in 2008 and I figured, hey, I should do my own!

Precursor!!! Just so you know, not all of these places are new to 2008. Some have been around for a long time but I have only been able to try them for the first time this year.

This is my little favorites of the year list.

The funniest thing is that I didn't blog about half of them! I don't really know why I guess I was just really busy this year and I decided to save the best for last :)

So here goes:

Bacon Fat English Muffin at Momofuku Ko
First thing I thought of when I started this list. Not only was it one of the most unbelievable meals I have ever eaten OR scored a reservation too, this English Muffin was a sinfully delicious treat I will always remember.

La Caille at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Free range caramelized quail stuffed with foie gras, potato puree and summer truffle. This was my birthday meal and it met every expectation. The quail was made extra moist by the fatty foie gras and the whole dish came with the best pureed mashed potatoes in the world.

Sweetbread Ravioli with sweet corn, lime and chorizo at Eleven Madison
This was one of those dishes where my eyes literally rolled back in my head and I may have even moaned in delight a little. Rich, buttery and utterly cheap since it was on the restaurant week menu! Eleven Madison never fails to disappoint.

New Favorite dish- Whole Bronzino
I've had this dish a LOT of places this year and I just love every variation I've tried. It's big, meaty and delicious.

Best Meal- Babbo
Starting with the wonderful charred Octopus I already thought I was in heaven but the huge Rib eye for two had so much flavor I was floored. Babbo deserves all of the hype it gets and more.

Best Fast Food Burger- Five Guys
This is a great chain with stellar burgers and fries. I still love my Shack Shake the best but not having to wait more than 5 minutes for some awesome meat and fries is wonderful.

Best Gourmet Burger- PJ Clark's & Prune
I've only been to Prune once and it rocked with its buttery English Muffin goodness. PJ Clark's I've been to multiple times this year and the Cadillac burger has never disappointed. I love burgers so much it's hard to pick a favorite but these blow my old favorite, Mollys, out of the water.

Best Fish Dish- Halibut with corn and English Peas at Little Owl.
I had this in the spring and it truly represented what spring was all about. Fresh, clean, lively flavors. A rebirth of food. Lovely.

Best Desserts- Gramercy Tavern, Otto & Cafe Sabarsky
The German Chocolate cake at Gramercy Tavern was decadent and delightful at once. The Black and white parfait at Otto was a masterpiece of different flavors that all seemed to work together. Chocolate cake with Pistachio frosting is nothing to be messed with at Sabarsky. I wish I could end my meal with these every night!!

Where I agree with Time Out New York- Artichoke, Amai & Ippudo
All nearby, they have made this neighborhood that much better for food. Artichoke's creamy lactose heavy pizza, Ippudo's thick ramen broth and Amai's lovely green tea cupcake have filled the void of many a desolate food night.

Best sushi- Yasuda Medium Fatty Toro and any kind of Eel.
He is a master. Sit in front of him and you will have the best sushi ever. Hands down.

And the rest:

Espresso- Fika & Abraco
Sausages- Jimmy's No 43
Wings & Ribs- Dinosaur BBQ
Soup Dumplings- Shanghai Cafe

It was a fantastic year for food and I was very lucky to have experienced all I have.

I will end it kind of cheesy but totally true:

Best dining excursion of the year- anything with a bottle of wine and my Mr. T.

Here's to 2009!!!


tastemaker said…
thanks for the best of mention! we'll post this entry on our blog,

jimmy's no.43
Tasty Trekker said…
No Problem! Your sausages really are fantastic and your beer selection is wonderful. One of my favorite bars in the city! Thinking about going for New Years Eve!