Brunch at Noho Star and the Rest of the Gluttonus Weekend

After such a huge meal at Peter Lugers the night before you would think that food would be the last thing on our mind Saturday morning.

However we ate quite early the night before and after much more imbibing after Luger's, I woke up ready to eat!

We had been planing to get Thai food for lunch, but this being a complete gluttonous weekend, we decided we were all hankering for a good Bloody Mary to help start off our day.

So we headed out to Noho Star.

We got there around right around 12:30 and the place was already packed!

Then it occurred to me...Oh yeah. Saturday brunch in Noho before Christmas equals lots of shoppers and tourists out eating.

Probably not the best choice, since we were all starving, however some seats opened up at the bar and we were able to get a breakfast cocktail while we waited.

Have a look at this Bloody Mary.

Wow. This thing was fantastic.

Can you see all of the chunky tomato goodness and the black pepper swirling around?

This was spicy, thick and rich. Kind of like a meal on its own and certainly just what the doctor ordered after a long night out.

Now I am no Bloody Mary expert but Arian is and he deemed this one of the best Bloody Mary's ever.

So after about a half hour wait we were seated and placed our order.

Mr. T hates brunch for many reasons, but one of the reasons is he always orders wrong (remember the Soft Shell Crab sandwich?? Again, who orders that for brunch??)

Anyway, this time he did much better. He went for a classic brunch item, French Toast with fruit.

One of the things that can ruin French Toast sometimes is the sugar overkill.

Not here. The dough was light, fluffy with a good flavor that wasn't too sweet so you were still able to add some maple syrup and enjoy.

The fruit on the toast was amazing.

The bananas and blueberries were incredibly fresh .

It's hard to find fruit that tastes this great in December. The fruit was $3.00 extra but worth every penny.

I knew we had a big day ahead so I went for something a little heavier and unhealthier for a good base. The Croque Monsieur.

When this first arrived I thought it looked a little bit small but once I took a bite I knew it would be more than enough.

Multiple slices of thinly sliced ham on a Challah roll topped with Bechamel sauce and Fontina cheese.

I loved this Croque for two reasons.

The bread to ham ratio was about 50/50 which you don't usually get and the Fontina cheese was perfectly melty and rich on top of the Challah roll.

I ate every last bite.

So brunch ended up being a success! Mr. T still hates brunch and had some choice words about some of the people dining there, but hey. You can't change everyone!

I will not go into too much detail about the rest of our day, but suffice it to say we never really stopped eating and drinking at any point!

Here is our food and drink rundown for the rest of Saturday after brunch:

Espresso and chocolate at Mariebelle

Fantastic Beers at Half Pint

Pomme Frites and Leffe Bruns at Vol de Nuit

Prosciutto and wine at Otto

Cheese plate and more wine at 8th street Wine Cellar

Sushi assortment from Haru

Four Cheese, Neapolitan and Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese's from Smac

And then late night eats at NY Noodletown which included crispy duck, pork over rice, beef and broccoli and two other dishes that I have little to no recollection of because the beer and wine had definitely caught up with me at that point.

And in the middle of all that we somehow watched the Pacquio vs. De La Hoya fight, saw the tree in Rockefeller Center and did the touristy Times Square all in the middle of a lovely snowfall.


I'm tired out just writing all of that!

I woke up on Sunday ridiculously tired and ready for a diet. (which didn't happen because the Bills lost so I got depressed and ordered a HUGE piece of Chocolate Malt Ball cake from Big Daddy's diner :()

Anyway it was a lovely weekend that encompasses everything I enjoy in life- good friends, great food and NYC!