Strange Sodas

So we just got back from a fantastic voyage to my hometown in Western New York. We ate a bunch of good food and even made it up to Canada for the day which I will report on later. Unfortunaely we are so exhauted from our trip I only hve time for a small post on something Buafflo has a lot of- strange sodas.

Anyone who hs lived in the Western NY area will probably agree that the best drink growing up was Loganberry.

Loganberry is an awesome grape flavored drink that is everywhere in the city! I mean almost every single restaruat has it no matter what. When I first went away to college I couldn't believe people hadn't heard of it before! Well we found another soda that is pretty crazy as well.

Here is the Saranac Shirley temple soda. This was a great find since Mr. T actually spent a whole weekend once drinking Shirely Temples with vodka!! We had to try it out as soon as we saw it at the store.

It had a great pour to it with a classic frothy head that looked absolutly thirst quenchaliscious on the steamy hot day we were having.

Look at the glass! They even threw in a cherry!

Unfortunatly the soda looks a lot better than it tastes. Overall it was just WAY too sweet. I think between the two of us we could only get down about half.

The funny part was that we looked at the sugar content on back and I think it was 36 grams. Then we looked at the Root Beer's sugar and it was 38!! How's that for surprising! I'm glad I don't drink soda on a regular basis. I'd rather get those sugar grams in the form of candy bars.