Our first night in Buffalo my parents picked us up at the airport and we meet up with my family for dinner at a place called Prosit in Williamsville. I had never been here before but my father insisted I would love it. Why?

The Beer! Prosit is basically a small (very small) Polish/German restaurant that serves lots of different Polish and German beers. Being Polish this was quite a treat! They even had a nice little beer garden in the back with a couple big wooden tables perfect for relaxing after a long day of traveling.  When we arrived, the biggest table in the back was actually being occupied by the owners sister and her daughter celebrating a birthday. Once they noticed how large our group was they immediately offered us their table in lieu of the smaller one which was extremely nice. The rest of my family arrived and we ordered up a couple rounds of beer.

I decided to go with the Okocim beer which is a polish style pilsner that is light and crisp. Perfect for a hot humid day. They were nice enough to bring out a bunch of bread while we drank including a dark caraway rye and a raisin pannetone that came with some sweet creamy butter and slices of Parmesan cheese. We had a couple of rounds and were having so much fun we decided to stay there and have dinner as well! They started off by giving us some tossed salads.

The salads were made with fresh greens and came with your choice of two salad dressings the creamy tomato bacon or creamy gorgonzola. I couldn't decide so I asked for both on the side and I have to say they were both really good. That's the tomato bacon in the picture. For our main Mr. T ordered the Sampler Platter.

The platter came with a huge cheese pierogi, potato pancake and a polish sausage, along with some sour cream and red cabbagea and veggies. Unfortunately the Polish sausage didn't have a very good flavor to it. It just tasted a little grainy and weird. Luckily the potato pancake and pierogi were good so he just enjoyed them.  It also came with a side of sauteed apples which is another staple dish I remember enjoying at Polish dinners growing up. For my main dish I give you Ta Da! The Mr. Pisinski sandwich!

Only a place is Buffalo would have a sandwich named this!! And it was quite tasty! It was thick slices of ham covered in a melty cheese with mustard on grilled rye bread.  The serving was huge so I ended splitting it with my friend, the Pitted Prune, who had joined my family about halfway through dinner.

We ordered some desserts to share and all of them were amazing!!! Especially some kind of peanut butter torte/pudding that was out of this world!!!

Prosit has a nice old world charm about it. If you notice, all of the plates and glasses were antique and the inside of the place reminded me of my grandmothers house, in a good way! The service was very comfortable and the owner came over a couple times to make sure everything was alright. Prosit is a place that literally seems untouched by time. I hope it stays that way.

Prosit Restaurant