Happy Hour at Butai

I was walking around my neighborhood the other day and noticed that both Japonais and Butai have happy hour specials that seem like a pretty good deal. I was craving some sushi so I stopped in to Butai to check out their deal.

I walked in around 6:30 and was the only person besides two men having beer at the front. I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of their Pinot Grigio and asked about the specials.

They had the usual rolls; tuna, salmon and California on special, but they also had some kushiyaki. I decided I had to do a little of each.

To start I ordered a spicy tuna roll.

This was a pretty good roll. The rice was a bit too sticky for me on the outside but tuna had a great flavor and the size was perfect.

A minute later my skewers came out. I ordered the pork belly, asparagus with bacon and cherry tomatoes.

The pork belly skewer was awesome!!! It was a juicy crispy bit of belly that sat a top some ponzu dipping sauce. Really tasty!!

The bacon wrapped asparagus was pretty good as well except that the bacon was a little more fatty than I usually like. Luckily I had ordered the cherry tomatoes. After all of this pork fat I felt like I needed a little something healthy!

The tomatoes had a great char to the outside and were a refreshing contrast to all of the meat.

There was so much food I honestly couldn't finish it all and for the glass of wine and these dishes the bill came to $16. Quite a bargain actually!!

I also just really liked the vibe of the place. Of course it was empty but the servers all seemed very nice, the music was good and the whole decor was kind of relaxed trendy (if that makes any sense).

Hopefully it was just empty because it was a Monday. I'm going to walk by later on in the week and see how the place looks then. But a good happy hour spot if you're in the area. They also have $3 beers and $5 cocktails. Not to shabby!