Beer and Chinese Food

Last Sunday we spent most of the day holed up in a bar with friends and watching the championship game of the Euro Cup. It was a pretty exciting game and we all had more than just a few beers.

Then a huge rainstorm came again right at the end which forced us to order another round so we wouldn't get wet! By the time that round was finished we were "feeling no pain" as my mom would say and decided to make a trip down to Congee Village for some much needed food.

We walked into the restaurant and found it relatively empty. Not too many people want Chinese food at 5:30 on a Sunday I guess! Even though there were only 3 of us, they sat us down at a huge table and we ordered up some Mai Tai's and ton of food.

First order out was our Pan Fried Dumplings.

These came out with a nice crispy outside and steamy greasy insides of pork. They were good but just an average sort of dumpling.

Next was a HUGE order of chicken fried rice.

I am not usually a rice fan but this was really good! There were big chunks of scrambled egg, peas, oinions and carrots. It all combined for a great toasty flavor.

Our next dish was the house special chicken.

This is basically a chicken that was roasted in some sort of soy garlic sauce. I thought this was really good. The skin was a little bit more soggy than crispy but the flavor was spot on.

We also got a half order of the 5 Spice Duck.

The duck was a little disappointing. Certain pieces in the middle were moist but the end pieces were dried out.

Also, for a name of 5 Spice it was pretty weak in flavor. I guess I was expecting a little bit more kick and more of that rich smokey taste I've had from duck in other Chinese places. It was just lacking overall.

Then out came our Blue Crab dish. Look at this monster!!!

We ordered it with the garlic butter sauce and man was it messy!!! This is not something you order on a date that's for sure! It's also kind of difficult to eat after drinking beers all day and I was covered in sauce by the end but it was super tasty.

We finished up with a side order of sauteed Chinese Greens. This was a nice refreshing side dish to offset all the fatty meat we were having and once again HUGE in size.

Overall we had a really fun dining experience! We ordered a couple of Mai Tai's and the bartender kept coming out himself to deliver them to us, making them stronger and stronger each time. I think we left a little more happy then we came in!!

I could see this being a really fun place for a big group dinner that's pretty easy on the wallet. They finished the meal by giving us some orange slices and we were off. Another successful Sunday in the city.