Ciao Bella

I happened to run into the Park avenue Summer festival yesterday as I was heading out to do some errands. There are a MILLION street fairs in the city during the summer and most of them are filled with the same old boring stuff. Crepes, mozzareppas, gyros, pashiminas and bed sheets.

Well the Park avenue one had all that stuff too but it actually has some other cool stuff that make it one of the best street fairs going. They had tons of dresses, jewelry and best of all tons of free food samples.

The one that had the biggest line was the Ciao Bella truck. Now it was pretty early in the day for ice cream but it was free so I had to get some!

They were offering about 6 different flavors including which was a tough decision but I decided to go with the Pistachio.

First of all, the sample was pretty big!! It was like ordering a regular small bowl at an ice cream place. The ice cream was dark white and had whole pistachios sticking out everywhere.

The verdict? The flavor of the ice cream itself was fantastic. It had a natural nutty flavor and the ice cream was rich and creamy. The unfortunate part for me was the whole pistahios. There were honestly too many! Every time I had a bite I would get 3 or 4 pistachios. The nuts messed up the consistency of the ice cream for me. So much that I didn't even finish my sample!

I appreciate the fact that the flavor is all natural but when I want ice cream, I don't want to be chewing it. So overall I guess I wouldn't buy this in the store. I stick with my Ben & Jerry's for now.


Always Eating said…
Great post. It's 10am and I would love some ice cream now. Keep it up and check out my site if you have a chance.