Neighborhood Sushi That's New to Me

Yama is a tiny little sushi joint that sits just below 17th street. The inside has 2 small rooms with about 5 tables each and a tiny sushi bar in between. The place is very minimalist with little to no decoration which is just fine, since the sushi would steal the show anyway.

This is their Sushi Entree no Shellfish. This came with 2 pieces of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, mackerel and a tuna roll.

As you can see their pieces are HUGE!! They come on a huge wooden slab that's kind of intimidating once they put it down in front of you.

I have trouble fitting a regular piece of sushi in my mouth all at it was impossible! The pieces weren't only big in size but big in flavor.

All of the pieces we ordered were super fresh and full of flavor.

The Sushi Entree also came with your choice of soup or salad.

We didn't realize the pieces of sushi were going to be so big so we had ordered some more food along with the platter. I got a piece of Toro and Mr. T got a piece of Unagi.

Look at that piece of Unagi! It was so big it was almost comical. We also got a spicy tuna roll which was actually white tuna inside and covered with a spicy mayo sauce.

I really liked this roll. It was a different take on the average roll. The mayo was creamy with a little kick but not overly hot.

We were so full we didn't even come close to finishing our meal. We got the check and it was about $40. We honestly could have ordered about half what we did and still have been full. What a great deal.

Watch out though- this place gets crowded!!! We showed up at 6:00 on a Monday night and got one of the last tables. This place is popular. The seats are kind of close together and the air was a little stuffy but it was worth it for the quality and price of the sushi.

Yama Restaurant


NormanTheDoxie said…
We live around the block from Yama and there's always a crowd. I've tried it is great, but there's something about dining underground in a confined space that I find uncomfortable. But hey....everyone loves it!
Tasty Trekker said…
Hey citygirl15,

I have to say the air was a little humid and dank while we were there which I think was due in part to the underground lair. I did make a mental note to myself never to go if the temperature id above 80 degrees. I can't imagine how warm it would be then!