Beers & Brats at Lorely

So we swung by Loreley the other day for one of my favorite things in life- German Beer!!!

I love almost every single kind of beer Germany has to offer: Wiezens, Schwarzbier, Dunkels, Bocks. You name it I've probably already had it. Luckily there are a couple German places in the city where I can get my fill and one of my top favs is Lorely.

Loreley sits almost in the middle of the East Village Lower East Side and SOHO. It has a great outdoor patio in the back and long wooden tables inside.

It was a nice day so we sat by the open windows up front to watch the baseball game and enjoy the warm breeze.

It was such a hot day I really wanted something refreshing, so I got a crisp Warsteiner beer and we ordered up some food.

I went for the classic Bratwurst mit Brot. Basically a brat with bread and mustard. The brat was really good. I think it was a little bigger than the ones they usually serve at Zum Schneider and came with some great spicy mustard and a little side salad.

For $5 you can't get a much better deal in the city. I got everything I need on this plate: meat, carbs, veggies. Just what the body needs for drinking some beer.

Mr. T got the Currywurst mit Pomme Frites.

Basically a brat in curry sauce with french fries.

There was tons of curry sauce- much more than the wurst really needed but I think some people probably put the sauce on their fries as well.

I absolutely hate curry so I only tried out some of the fries. Thin and crispy, they could have gone for a little more salt, but overall they were quite good.

Zum Schneider is still my favorite place for German food but Loreley is right up there with it. Loreley also scores some extra points for being less crowded and having a television.

Both are great in my book...German Beer & Brats = Happy Girl.

Loreley Restaurant and Beirgarten