Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year-and what a snowy, chilly one it was!  We spent the weekend celebrating up in Hudson New York enjoying a bit of "lake life" (obviously the lake was frozen solid). We had some seriously incredible bourbon cocktails at Olde York Farm and followed it up with NYE dinner at Local 111 in Plilmont.  It was a great holiday weekend made so much better by my beloved Buffalo Bills making it to the playoffs for the first time since 1999!  I could have cried I was so happy:)  Actually I did in fact cry...quite a bit to be honest and I keep crying every time I watch the highlights.  So 2018 is starting out to be a very happy but sappy year for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Looking back at my 2016 Wish List I only made it to four of the thirteen restaurants but all of those dining experiences were some of my favorite 2017 memories.   Le Bernardin was exquisite, Gabriel Kreuther made my entire birthday and Matarkjallarinn in Iceland will be forever etched in my mind for the amazing food, cozy subterranean space and fanatic piano player.   Add in some great moments with friends and family who are all happy and healthy and I have absolutely nothing to complain about in 2017. Let's hope the same great things continue in 2018! 

Eggnog at Olde York Farm

2018 Wish List

The Grill
Hanoi House
Chez Ma Tante
La Grenouille
4 Charles Prime
Kyu (Miami)
Sushi Katsuei
Ugly Baby


Unknown said…
Hanoi house needs to happen this winter- I'm vegetarian and could only have a few things on the menu but the vegetarian pho was absolutely amazing and had an incredible depth of flavor that is unfortunately hard to find. My omni friends raved about their own meals. Don't bother with Empellon unless it's for margaritas at the bar, our meal was good but certainly not worth the high prices and not especially memorable otherwise.
Roze said…
The Vegetarian Pho is exactly what I’m planning to get- we’ve been moving more and more towards a vegetarian lifestyle. Although I don’t think I can ever give up Steak Tartare:)