Monday morning I woke up feeling surprisingly calm.  Usually on days off I completely overwhelm myself with ideas on how to spend the day.  Perhaps I'm finally learning to relax or perhaps the holidays this year beat all the excitement out of me.  All I know is I just wanted to find a place to completely unwind; so I headed to Fairfax.

This cozy little cafe in the West Village was completely full when I arrived with people casually eating lunch, grabbing a cup of coffee or working on their laptops with a glass of wine.  I got incredibly lucky with the last seat at the bar and ordered the Fairfax special.  Each day from 11:30-6:30  Fairfax offers a plate and a glass of wine for just $24 with options like Roman Gnocchi with charred onions, citrus laced Diver Scallops and one of my favorite dishes Steak Tartare.  

Those who enjoy a thick cut tartare will love this rendition with big chunks of raw meat drizzled with olive oil and pecorino cheese alongside thick sliced country bread.  

It was a hearty satisfying dish that paired perfectly with a fruity glass of Rosso and my current novel.  Perhaps this is the new me for 2018...

234 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014