New Brew Friday- Side Project Beer Barrel Time

Today's New Brew Friday comes directly from Side Project Brewing where Mr. T and I spent most of the past weekend.  This place was honestly one of the best breweries I've visited.  The beer list was loaded with some of their highest rated bottles, the staff were incredible friendly and knowledgeable and the space was so clean and comfortable I just wanted to spend the entire weekend relaxing in the tap room.

Beer Barrel Time is Side Project's non-adjunct blend of Barrel Aged Stouts; which means there's no added flavors to this beer like vanilla or coffee beans.  It's just pure stout goodness that really showcases the Heaven Hills Bourbon Barrels they select for each batch.  This was rich and silky with a smooth oak and caramel finish that was incredibly drinkable for the 15% ABV.  I was almost ready to order another one when the new beer menu came out for the evening.

Apparently we got one of the very last bottles!  So happy to have gotten to try out this beer- Cheers to New Brew Friday!

Side Project Brewing
7458 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO 63143