New Brew Friday- The Unicorns Are Making Us Do This

It's New Brew Friday and today we head east to Connecticut and a brewery making some of the coolest looking cans of beer around Kent Falls Brewing.

This beer is called The Unicorns are Making Us Do This; a big hoppy Double IPA that clocks in at 8% abv.  The hops used in this beer rotate with each batch so every release brings a totally different flavor profile.  Luckily the can art stays the same with beautiful sparkling ribbons of color shooting out of an angry looking unicorn.  Kent Falls has a bunch of cool labels and the beer is fantastic as well.  Check out their website to see them all or head up to Connecticut and take a tour of the farm and brewery.  Cheers to the weekend!  

Kent Falls Brewing
33 Camps Road
Kents, CT 06757