Ten Years of NYC Tastes at The Bar Bill

When I started this blog so many many years ago my very first post was about this tiny restaurant in East Aurora, NY the Bar Bill.  My photos were absolutely terrible; the camera on my then flip phone had about one pixel, but my love for the incredible food at this spot was real.  So here's an update on this classic Western New York Spot on the 10th anniversary of NYC Tastes.

People always argue over the best wings in Buffalo.  The contenders range from the birthplace of the wing The Anchor Bar, to Obama favorite Duff's but most people I know (at least those that I care to hang out with :) all agree the best place for wings is the Bar Bill.   

They make all kinds of flavors from Honey Dijon and Tereyaki to Zesty Honey Pepper and Cajun but the best are always the Medium Style Buffalo Wing and the delicious Honey Butter BBQ.

These wings are plump and juicy with crisp outer edges and a sweet buttery sauce that leans heavy on the spice for Buffalo style.  Steer clear of anything more than medium for the best possible flavor and least damage to your insides.  One bite of these and it's almost impossible to go back to the crappy old bar wings scattered about this city.  Paired with creamy blue cheese dressing and an order of salty golden brown beer fries...there's little in life that makes me happier. 

Cheers to 10 Years of NYC Tastes- thanks to everyone for reading!

185 Main Street
East Aurora, NY 14052