Shanghai Asian Manor

Continuing to feed my never ending obsession with dumplings we stopped into Shanghai Asian Manor last week.  This no frills spot in the heart of Chinatown is always packed; which is good sign if your wandering around this area unsure of where to dine.  The menu has everything from Yang Chow Fried Rice to Lions Head Meatballs, but we were there strictly for some dumpling goodness in the form of Xiao Long Bao and Sichuan Style dumplings.

Plump, super juicy soup dumplings filled with pork and crab, these had a thinner outer shell than many soup dumplings I've had and still managed to stay completely intact without sticking to the bottom and ripping.  

The Sichuan dumplings were also excellent; loaded with sliced green onion, crushed peanuts and lots of spicy chili oil.  I could seriously eat this dish every single day of my life and never get tired of it.

In addition to regular dumplings Shanghai had a special Black Truffle soup dumpling listed that sounded incredible.  However we were much too full that day so we finished our tea and headed on our way- happy belly's filled with delicious dumplings :)

21 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013