Happy Hour at No. 7 Brooklyn

It's always nice to find some drink specials during happy hour but how about some killer Double Decker Broccoli Tacos for just $5 a piece as well- enter No. 7 Brooklyn.

This lively spot stuffs a hard shell taco full of chopped broccoli and creamy feta cheese then tops it with crispy fried shallots and wraps it all in a soft tortilla shell layered with black bean hummus.  It may seem a bit strange and may not even sound that good to some people but I have yet to meet a person who doesn't love them.

Add on a cocktails like the Trigger Happy made with aquavit, vodka and Thai basil or a classic Negroni for the perfect after work pit stop.

No. 7 Restaurant
7 Greene Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Unknown said…
What a great spot! I love the broccoli sub at the No 7 shop near the ace hotel which also sounds weird on paper yet it's freaking delicious
Roze said…
Agreed the Broccoli sub is awesome!!!