Daily Provisions

When I was in college up near tiny Allegany, New York my friends and I were so deprived for good food that when Tim Horton's opened up we went there for breakfast, lunch AND dinner opening day.  We were like little Tim Horton cheerleaders.  Obviously that seems insane to me now, or at least it did until Daily Provisions opened last week and I've found myself inside the amazingly cute space eating all sorts of delicacies every damn day.  I'm seriously obsessed.

They have delicious drip coffee served alongside some of the best baked goods in the city like Everything Croissants stuffed with cream cheese, warm slices of toast rubbed with apple preserves and the flaky Kouign- Amann studded with orange and vanilla.

For a more hearty breakfast they offer three types of Egg Sandwiches including an Italian special with peppers and provolone and the classic Breakfast Sausage with smoked Gouda and spicy house wake up sauce;

Along with two Breakfast Gougeres the O.G. with scrambled eggs and pepperjack...

...and the Spinach with green eggs, ham and pepperjack cheese that cascades from the warm cheesy shell with each decadent bite.

All of these items are incredible, but the very best thing are the mind blowing Crullers.

These delicate circles of pastry dough are light as air with crisp edges and an inside much more akin to a cannelle than a doughnut with a creamy, custard like texture and pockets of airy dough.

I've had all three varieties- cinnamon sugar, glazed and maple and all three are amazing but I'll never be able to show you a picture again.  I simply I have no will power to wait even one second before eating these. I can say without any shadow of doubt in my mind- these are the best crullers in the city.  Possibly even the world but I don't exactly make a habit of eating crullers in other countries:)

In addition to the morning fare they serve three different sandwiches at lunchtime along with Rotisserie Chicken, wine and growlers of beer to go.  I mean I am OBSESSED with this place.  It's so incredible. Just when I think Danny Meyer has done the very best he goes and tops himself again.  So happy to have this place in my neighborhood- please don't eat all of my crullers.

103 East 19th Street
New York, NY 10003