Dinner at Jing Fong

Mr. T and I are finally getting back into the swing of Chinatown after a hiatus of much much too long.  We used to spend our entire winter rolling through the streets in search of steaming hot dumplings, crispy sesame pancakes and white pillow buns stuffed with pork. 

Well we're getting back into again with the first stop at Jing Fong for some incredible dim sum like Pan Fried Dumplings stuffed with of pork and chives.

Steamed Dumplings (Har Gow) packed full of juicy shrimp meat.

And because we have a soft spot in our heart for the Americanized dish of General Tso's Chicken we added one of those on too.

Jing Fong is best known for brunch where patrons literally line up for a spot at one of the many tables scattered across the ginormous restaurant.  This is an incredibly fun way to spend a weekend morning but for those looking to just have a good meal without the fuss head there at dinner time.

Many of the same dim sum dishes are available off the menu and as you can see it's quite a calmer, quieter affair.

20 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013