Union Square Cafe is Back!

Finally one of my all time favorite dining spots has returned.  Danny Meyer's first restaurant and a NYC institution Union Square Cafe is back from the dead after a year hiatus and a four block move into the old City Crab space on Park Avenue South.  It's amazing what they did to the interior of the restaurant- it holds the same layout as City Crab but the large window shades at half mast and dark green decor of the long wooden bar evoke all the memories of the original Cafe.

I was incredibly happy to see the rosemary dusted bar nuts surface as I my drink appeared, another staple from the original days.  And of course their incredible Candele pasta; a gorgeous blend of carrots, pancetta, scallions and creamy Greek yogurt studded with spicy Fresno chilies.

 I could eat this pasta every day and be a very happy lady.  But for now I'll just be happy that this wonderful restaurant has returned :)

Union Square Cafe
101 East 19th Street at Park Avenue
New York, NY 10003