Margot's Pizza

It's kind of ridiculous when I think about how much of my life is spent just hitting the F5 button trying to purchase various event tickets.  There's been all sorts of concerts, numerous beer festivals, way too many restaurant reservations (looking at you Momofuku Ko) and most recently for pizza from Margot Pizza in Brooklyn.

This pop up inside Emily restaurant is hosted just once a month by Slice founder and Serious Eats writer Adam Kuban, the guru of pizza in NYC.  The specialty here is bar pie (my favorite style) served thin and crispy from the wood fired oven.

Each ticket gets one drink and one choice of pie from a small menu of eight different varitites.  We decided to split our pizzas starting with the classic Margot-rita with tomato sauce, romano, cheese, basil and oregano and the Collaboroni with pepperoni, pickled jalapenos and post oven honey.

Both pizzas were ultra thin with slightly burnt edges loaded with cheese. I absolutely loved the crispy crust; they added a fantastic salty, crunch to each bite that was so much more satisfying then the usual puffy dough.  Plus Adam threw on pepperoni that was already crisp, something I wish more pizzerias in this city would start to do.  The jalapenos gave a ton of heat to the pie but the honey softened out the spice with sweetness.  This was some seriously delicious pizza.

Tickets to this monthly pop up go on sale one week in advance and they sell out fast; so fast that all tickets are usually gone within the first 60 seconds so get your F5 button ready for serious refreshing.

Margot's Pizza
919 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Adam Kuban said…
Oh, wow. Thank you so much for the kind words here! Glad your favorite style is bar pizza! It's the best! ;)
Roze said…
My pleasure! Can't wait to come back for a return visit :)