Lunch at Salvation Burger

Being a huge fan of April Bloomfield's burgers at both The Spotted Pig and The Breslin I was excited to check out her new midtown spot Salvation Burger.   This rustic joint inside the Pod 51 Hotel sells three different types; Veggie made with carrot & tomato chutney, the Salvation Burger with caramelized onion & taleggio and the Classic Cheeseburger pictured here.  

This burger is certainly aesthetically pleasing.  The fluffy sesame studded roll looks gorgeous holding two juicy all beef patties with house made cheese and thick sliced pickles jutting out at the seams.

However as you can see by the mid-section shot this burger is way off on bun to burger ratio.   The hearty flavor of the meat got lost among the outer shell of toppings and stunted any sort of orgasmic burger moment.  Both the Spotted Pig and Breslin burgers have fluffy buns but the patties at both are bigger and bolder in flavor from the funky Gorgonzola cheese at the Pig and the richness of the lamb at the Breslin.  This one sadly just could not stand up to the messy bread and pickle overload.

Perhaps the namesake Salvation Burger would hold up to the bun a bit better than the Classic Cheeseburger however the steep price of  $25 for one burger (no fries included) will probably keep me from coming back to try it. With places like Minetta Tavern and Bar Sardine churning out great burgers at a lower cost its hard to imagine a repeat visit.

Salvation Burger
230 East 51st Street
New York, NY 10022