Star Chefs Congress Day I

It was another great kickoff to Star Chef's International Congress with Day I at the Brooklyn Expo Center.  The conference now in its 11th year always focuses on the future of food and drink but with a specific theme this year "What Is Progress" which would be threaded throughout seminars over the three days.

The  main floor is always reserved for the Products Fair where sponsors team up with chef's to showcase their brands.  I began at the Rishi booth for a soothing cup of green tea paired with Lemon Verbena Tea Smoked Scallops from Brandt Bishop of Mbar in Seattle, Washington...

...followed by an amazing Charcoal Roasted Foie Gras with cold smoked Thomcord grapes, scorched honey gelato and cardamom charcoal bread from Jeff O'Neil of Barton G.  I don't think I've ever eaten foie gras for breakfast before but this was the perfect start to the morning with a sweet, creamy blend of fruit, bread and foie.  

Since I was already on the rich and raw food train I kept it going with an incredible Bison Tartare from the Fossil Farms booth.  These guys always crush this conference with their amazing exotic meat dishes and this was just the precursor of things to come from them.

In addition to the Chefs Product Fair Eat@ICC features lunch every day centered around a specific trend.  The Sunday edition was entitled "Super Scrap" focused on using the leftovers from cooking to create delicious new dishes like this Catfish Sausage Steamed Bun with radish kimchi, onion crunch and dam sauce from Shane Devereux of The Lawrence in Atlanta...

...and this succulent Honey Butter Fried Chicken from the founders of the Sunday Dinner Club in Chicago with candied Jalapeno mayo and crunchy slaw served alongside a Candied Jalapeno Margarita.  I loved how the slow subtle burn of this cocktail balanced the sweet honey.

 My favorite dish of the day came from Edward Martinez of Lazy Bear in San Francisco.  He combined leftover roasted sweet potatoes, chicory and coffee grounds to create this light, elegant dish that could easily be served on tasting menus everywhere.

For dessert an Apple Filled Cheese Gourgere with almond pistachio florentine and a scoop of Gruyere Ice Cream from Emmi Cheese and Danielle Cento of Escazu Artisan Chocolates.  The perfect fusion of savory cheese plate into sweet pastry and a great way to end Day One of Star Chefs 2016.

Brooklyn Expo Center
72 Noble Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222