Lunch at Cafe Mogador

There are very few places in NYC that can survive the cut throat restaurant business. Especially any place that is both delicious AND affordable but somehow Cafe Mogador has done just that.  This cozy little Moroccan bistro opened back in 1983 when the East Village was a hard gritty neighborhood ravaged by the heroin epidemic.

Obviously the village has changed dramatically since then but Cafe Mogador surprisingly remains the same.  A snug respite with fantastic food, hand made cocktails and an eclectic crowd that make it one of the city's best people watching spots.

Cafe Mogador is well known for its house tagines but the menu also includes other wonderful options like Hanger Steak, Grilled Chicken Curry and this incredible Chicken Kebob sandwich served inside a freshly baked pita with house tahini sauce and arabic salad.  It's simple, delicious and for just $10 an incredible value.  This place just makes me happy in every way.

Cafe Mogodar
101 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10009


Unknown said…
I used to go to cafe mogador for brunch at least twice a month! The moroccan eggs, sabich, and their various dips and salads section are long time favorites. It's such a relief that over the years it hasn't changed a bit...!
Roze said…
I have dreams of that Sabich Ttrockwood- so good!