Birthday Part II- Dinner at Cosme

My birthday night was comprised of my three favorite things in life- crisp refreshing gueuze, delicious Mexican food and wonderful friends.  It began at the gorgeous Gramercy Tavern bar for bottles of Cantillon Gueuze, a rare treat to find on the beer list, followed by dinner at Enrique Olvera's hopping spot Cosme.

Even on a Monday night this place was completely packed with folks throwing back Margaritas and Palomas at the bar and dining on fresh guacamole with thick blue corn tortilla chips.

The simple pairing of Burrata with salsa verde and fresh microgreens was perfection; the zesty salsa being some of the finest in the city.  

We then moved onto larger dishes like Tlayuda, a spicy Mexican style pizza topped with chorizo, black beans and stracciatella cheese, Enmoladas with ricotta, hoja santa, queso fresco and a crispy tostado topped with strips of tuna, daisy capers, yuzu and avocado.

Everything we ate was saucy and spicy; definitions never used to describe me but I like when they apply to my food:)  The night ended at Maialino for a bottle of Rosso and that incredible Blackberry Corn Sundae.  It was a fantastic food filled day.  If birthdays continue to go this route I can handle getting just slightly older each year.

35 East 21st Street between Park and Broadway
New York, NY 10010