Eataly NYC Downtown

When Eataly moved into my neighborhood a few years ago it truly changed my life.   All of sudden I had a one stop shop for everything I could ever need; fresh balls of mozzarella, home made pastas, amazing fruits and veggies, a meat and fish counter plus all those Italian desserts.  I love my Eataly and the new Eataly Downtown is just as wonderful.  In fact it actually has a couple new additions that might make it even better!  Here's a look at a few:

L'Espresso & Il Vino-  This gorgeous circular bar is the very first stopping point when coming off the escalator. Most people never realize it's okay to drink some wine while shopping at the flagship Eataly; but with this new addition front and center guests are encouraged to try a tasting flight, pick a glass or grab a bottle of something wonderful before moving on.

Le Insalate- Downtown Eataly is located in the middle of the financial district making it a prime spot for lunch.  Naturally a salad counter makes perfect sense and with the amazing array of fresh produce shipped in daily this should be a fantastic new option from the boring old salad bar.

Juice Bar- All sorts of fresh pressed juices and smoothies are available along with a special spot for Eataly's fruit and veggie butcher.  Simply pick something from the market and they'll dice and chop it up anyway you want.  This is actually available at the uptown Eataly as well but it's so hidden away no one ever uses this amazing service. 

La Paticerrie- The pastry portion of Eataly isn't new but the desserts certainly are!  Gorgeous fruit tarts, creme puffs, bomboloni and chantilly line the glass case with regular sized portions and "pasticcini" options that are tasting sized.  I love tasting sized things- it's the perfect opportunity to try out so much more without any guilt.  I checked out a Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with chocolate ganche and a crispy rice wafer that was simply incredible.

Osteria della Pace is Eataly's brand new restaurant with a separate dining room, a full service bar and a menu focused on Southern Italian cuisine.  Guests can expect a variety of fresh pasta dishes and mains including a whole Salt Crusted Sea Bass and a 56 day dry-aged Ribeye for two.

Finding a seat at the flagship Eataly is always a struggle whereas downtown has much more seating around the store making a casual coffee meet up a lot easier.  Plus the gorgeous floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Financial District give off some pretty incredible views.

Of course along with these great new additions are the same things that made Eataly great from the start.  The meats and cheese from the Piazza, the sweet and savory focaccia and all those wonderful chocolates and geltaos.

Two is almost always better than one and with the brand new Eataly this is certainly the case.

4 World Trade Center
101 Liberty Street- 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10007