It's extremely rare that Mr. T and I dine at the same place in one month but we feel so in love with Convina we went back the very next night for dinner again! Located inside the Park South Hotel the space serves as two different spots; a cozy cafe up front by day and a sleek, sexy restaurant by night with an open kitchen and gorgeous cocktail bar perfect for dining. 

I'm a little obsessed with the Covina Hummus; served with bright market vegetables, warm chickpeas, toasted cumin and pita bread.  The veggies were so fresh they reminded me of my carrots from Blue Hill Stone Barns years ago and the huge platter was perfect for sharing over a drink or two.

The menu includes a smattering of small plates along with handmade pastas, pizzas and mains.  Mr. T and I ordered the same exact thing both nights we dined; Wood Grilled Half Chicken for him with perilla and lemon jus...

...and the Covina Burger made from Wagyu and Ground Chuck for me.  This picture does not do this burger justice.  It's ridiculously juicy with crisp salty char on top and a rich marbled middle served with american cheese, daishi pickle and a creamy special sauce.

It comes paired a huge pile of thin crispy fries that really amp this entire dish into the next Best New Burger of the Year category.  

I highly suggest checking out some cocktails from the incredible bartenders as well. There's the whimsical Pack of Newports made with wasabi and aquavit and the delicious Silent Order with basil and chartreuse (my personal favorite).  This place has just about everything I'm looking for- welcome to the neighborhood Covina!

Park South Hotel
127 East 27th Street
New York, NY 10016


Unknown said…
I've just been to their pastry counter, the everything kolache is fantastic! Obviously i need to return for dinner
Roze said…
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