Return to Momofuku Nishi

I was feeling pretty sentimental earlier this month when Lin Manuel gave his very last performance in Hamilton.  Ever since I had the amazing opportunity to see the show (thanks to my friends Justin and Cate) I listen to the entire album an average of 4-5 times per week. That might sound insane but there's something so addictive about it I just can't get enough. So on Lin's final night I decided to go back to the very restaurant I dined at right after seeing the show- Momofuku Nishi- to pay tribute to the show. 

Since my last visit there have been quite a few changes to the menu and even the service was a bit different than before- in a good way.  The servers seemed more comfortable in the space, more knowledgeable about the menu and beers were poured with care instead of one big glass of foam.

We started once again with the Fried Whole Shrimp dusted with salt and pepper. Mr. T loves these things. Eating the shells always makes me a bit squeamish so I just have one or two and save myself for the other appetizers like the Raw Beef.

Gorgeous ribbons of beef sliced thin then tossed with watermelon radish and delicious dashi ponzu.  I love this dish.  Onto the fish portion of the meal Diver Scallops with tigers milk and shio kombu...

...and of course the incredibly amazing Ceci e Pepe from last visit.

Actually it's no longer listed on the menu as Ceci Pepe, Chang changed the name to Butter Noodle with chickpea hozon and black pepper.  Why?  I don't know and I honestly don't care as long as that rich creamy bowl of pasta stays on the menu forever.

We were hoping to have cap off the meal with the Spicy Beef Sichuan flat noodle from the previous visit but it had been revamped into Spicy Beef Shells with mint and crispy shallot.  I just don't find shells as satisfying as a noodle so I was a bit disappointed but maybe that dish will make a return on my next visit. 

Momofuku Nishi just launched a new happy hour every day from 5:30-7:00 that includes Zombie cocktails, Pork Buns and the "Impossible Burger" which apparently taste like meat but made 100% from plants.  Of course the city's vegans and vegetarians are already flocking to Nishi in record numbers to try out this new creation so go for lunch or hit happy hour early as only a limited amount are available each day.

232 8th Avenue between 21st & 22nd St.
New York, NY10011