Lunch at Momoya

Almost every sushi spot in the city offers some sort of lunch special.  Many are pretty terrible (slimy green salad and stringy spicy tuna rolls anyone) but some are absolutely fantastic.  Like any of the 15 different lunch specials at Momoya all for under $20.  

Miso soup or salad always to start; the standard carrot-ginger dressing on top of crisp greens and sliced radish.  Followed by entree choices like Bento Box with Teriyaki Chicken or Salmon, Donburi with Eel or classic Sushi Bar dishes like the 6 piece sushi with California roll.

As you can see each piece of fish is beautifully dressed; sliced jalapeno on Yellowtail, yuzu mayo dollop atop Ebi and fish roe on Snapper.  The sushi is always incredibly fresh and even the avocado in the roll was the perfect ripened texture.  Plus sitting at the sushi bar means conversing with the chef's who are so friendly and eager to share their delicious creations. Momoya offers lunch 7 days a week from 12:00- 2:30 each day.

185 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10011


Unknown said…
I haven't been to momoya in too long...! Glad to read it's still as solid as i fondly remember
Roze said…
Yup still solid and still just as packed ;)