JG Melon- West Village

I absolutely love what's happening in the West Village lately.  All of my favorite restaurants from the far reaches of the city are migrating into one small area over there.  Bob White has expanded west onto 7th Avenue South, Tacombi has moved down from Madison onto a busy corner of Bleeker and just a few blocks east of that is the new JG Melon's; one of my favorite burger places from the UES.

There's nothing particularly fancy about this burger which is one of the reasons it's so good; fluffy lightly toasted bun, American cheese and a juicy patty that's always cooked a perfect medium rare the entire way through with just a bit of crisp salty char on the outside.

There's no crazy toppings like foie gras or peanut butter...you could add on some crispy strips of bacon if you prefer but I think the original is best.  

Round, crinkly Cottage Fries to round out the experience; comfort food at it's finest and always a solid meal.  Welcome to the West Side!

89 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012