Pizza Loves Emily

One would assume that any entering a place with "pizza' in the name means the obvious order is a nice large pie. That still holds true at Emily where the thin, crackly pizza looks amazing but it's actually more well known for their incredible burger.  

Emily uses dry aged beef from DeBragga so the patty tastes more like a rich hearty steak than regular ground meat.  It's seared with clarified butter, topped with a thick layer of Grafton cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a drizzling of the house special sauce (red pepper aioli) then sandwiched between a pretzel roll from Tom Cat Bakery.

The meat was insanely tender with deep earthy flavors from the dry aging, a bit of funk from the cheddar cheese and some heat from the sauce which reminded me of Franks Red Hot with less spice.  The extra sturdy pretzel roll held everything together surprisingly well.  That being said I used a knife a fork for the first half of the burger; definitely not something to order on a 1st date:)

What's even more amazing than the burger are the incredible fries.  These are easily the closest to McDonald's french fries I've ever encountered in a restaurant; super thin, extra crispy with just a touch too much salt that keeps you coming back for more.  I'm absolutely in love with this burger.  Of course it's incredibly hard to come by with only 25 orders available each night. But the loophole is brunch where the burgers are unlimited.  Looks like 2016 will be filled with Sunday brunching in Brooklyn!

919 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238