Brunch at The Marshal

The weather is finally getting a bit blustery but up until Sunday it's been absolutely heavenly.  So heavenly that we got to have an al fresco brunch on Saturday...the weekend after Thanksgiving!  

We stopped into the Marshal; a farm to table restaurant known for sourcing all local NY ingredients.  I highly suggest starting any meal here with the biscuits.  These were straight out of the south with a buttery golden brown outside and a fluffy middle served with both pumpkin butter and whipped honey butter.  Two butters are always better than one :)

The brunch menu had everything from savory Meatloaf Sandwich's to bright Brussels Sprout Salads with Cesar Dressing.  We were all on the egg game that day; Mr. with the Lobster and Bacon Fritatta and me with the classic brunch order of two scrambled eggs and bacon.

I'll admit this sounds like a boring brunch order but I wouldn't change it for the world. These eggs were light as air, sprinkled with a fragrant mix of herbs and paired with some supremely crisp bacon and blue potatoes.  This was simple food done spectacular.  

The drinks were spectacular as well.  Mr. T has been all over the new style Negroni  drinks ever since Star Chef's this year.  Here the classic Campari was replaced with Orange Bitter Liqueur and a sprig of fresh rosemary both locally sourced creating a NYC original.  Two thumbs up for the Marshal; fresh, local, inventive and delicious.

The Marshal
628 10th Avenue @45th Street
New York, NY 10036


Unknown said…
The marshal is one of my favorite restaurants now! At dinner you have to order the bread- it is warm and comes with delicious butter. I always order multiples from the market sides, they manage to cook the veggies juuuussst right. I'll have to be sure to get there for brunch!
Roze said…
i can't wait to go back for a proper dinner. I've been dreaming of those fluffy biscuits and honey butter. Let me know what you think when you do brunch and Happy New Year Ttrockwood!