Holiday Lunch at Gramercy Tavern

It only seems right to close out 2015 at one of my old favorites- Gramercy Tavern.  It's been quite a year for Mr. Danny Meyer; Union Square Cafe closing, Shack Shake chicken sandwiches exploding and of course the end of tipping. I have no idea what he's got planned for the coming year but knowing him it will be fantastic.  Here's a look at the current lunch tasting menu:

Lobster with celery root and horseradish foam 

Flounder with butternut squash, cauliflower and grenada peppers

Duck Agnolotti with shell beans, treviso and pecorino

Lamb Loin and Shoulder with carrots, kale and sunflower seeds.

Chocolate Custard pie with cherry fudge, chestnut and bourbon ice cream (subbed in for the Rice Pudding Quince on the tasting menu)

An array of chocolates to round out the coffees...

...and a special Coconut Cream Cake for Mr. T's father; a birthday gift from the kitchen to celebrate his birthday.  

42 East 20th Street between Park and Broadway
New York, NY 10003