The Best Babka Ever- Green's Bakery

Each year I pick up a delicious cinnamon babka to bring for Thanksgiving morning.  Sometimes I buy it from Dean & Deluca, sometimes Russ & Daughters; this year I actually bought it from the new gourmet food shop and beer bar Mekelburgs.  It really doesn't matter where I buy it. They all get their babkas from the same exact place Green's & Ackermans bakery in Brooklyn.

These guys are the largest wholesaler of babka's in NYC and for good reason. The bread is light and airy with deep swirls of cinnamon and big sugar crystals scattered throughout that give a nice satisfying crunch.  It's a little sweet but not so much that it's mistaken for dessert (that comes in the form of pecan pie later) and is absolutely fabulous toasted up with a spread of butter.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Greens Bakery
Available in stores throughout the city.


Anonymous said…
the best best BABKA ever eaten
Roze said…
Ha- Greens has the Babka stronghold on NYC. Sooooo good.