Amali Mou

For some reason it's almost impossible to find an awesome gyro in Manhattan.  There are a ton of places that claim to have one but usually I end up with some kind of street meat grease bomb instead of the perfectly spiced, meaty sandwich I can get out in Queens (love you always Avli). But now finally I've found one that's a contender...the Chicken Gyro from Amali Mou. 

Located inside the brand new Urbanspace Vanderbilt simply look for the insanely long line at lunch time (Delaney Chicken) and instead hop in line right next door at Amali Mou.  They offer three different gyros and two salads along with an array of sides.  My go-to is the Chicken Gyro with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and two of my favorite things in the world tzatziki sauce and french fries.

This sandwich is jammed filled with so much goodness; the chicken has an awesome char from the grill and the pita itself has the perfect chew in the middle and crisp outer edges.  My only small quibble is that the chunks of chicken are so big it's a bit unruly to eat but otherwise insanely delicious.

Amali Mou
Urbanspace Vanderbilt


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the kind words. One never knows if small touches get noticed, I am thankful ours made an impact. - James /
Roze said…
You guys are great- so happy to have an awesome gyro in the city!