Chocolat Moderne & Solbeso

My favorite chocolatier in the city just released two brand new chocolates; one using the incredible cacao liquor Solbeso.

This isn't one of those sickeningly sweet chocolate flavored liqueurs. It's more like a cross between tequila and rum made from the fruity pulp surrounding the cacao bean which has bright tropical flavors of lemon and mango with nutty pecan undertones.

Given it's bright lemony flavor this is wonderful on it's own but I enjoy it most in an herbal cocktail like a Rosemary Solbeso gimlet with a twist of blackberry.

Chocolat Moderne has infused this spirit into their new Dessert Island bar; a delicious milk chocolate square filled with a creamy caramel of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, lemongrass and of course Solbeso.  

It's part of their Avant- Garde series which includes a few of my favorites like the Peanut Pizzazz and Smoked Sea Salt along with holiday season specialties like this dark chocolate Pumpkin Pie filled with a thick milk ganache of pumpkin puree and pie spices.  These artsy bars are the perfect gift for the chocolate and liquor lover in your life.


27 West 20th Street #904
New York, NY 10011