As summer winds down I'm trying to pack in as many delicious meals as possible while NYC is still relatively empty.  Once Labor Day ends the city morphs back into a crazed, fast paced mess of students, tourists and people who are so tan it's obvious they never set foot inside this concrete jungle all summer.  These are last moments to get an incredible meal at hot spots around the hood without a walking into a completely empty Parm at  7:00 Saturday night.

I mean completely empty; just us and the workers.  I'm not sure if the staff were so bored they put an extra dose of love into the cooking or it was just us being so thrilled to get a spot right away but this was the best Chicken Parm showing I've ever had.  The chicken was super tender, the cheese was melted just right and that spicy rigatoni on the side...OMG SOOOO GOOD!  It just doesn't get much better than this.

248 Mulberry Street between Prince & Spring
New York, NY 10012