Brunch at The Reynard

I was pretty nervous on the walk from the train to the Whyte Hotel.  I had been dying to try the Reynard for brunch but I knew that an obnoxious hipster hotel scene first thing in the morning had the potential to throw Mr. T into a furious mood.  As we walked up to the door I heard him mumble"well this looks like my worst nightmare".  I was prepping for the brunch to go downhill from there but actually the worst never actually came.

The dining room was surprisingly open and airy.  Big rays of sunlight shone through the windows on a gently chattering crowd of people.   The wait staff were all bright and cheerful and that food menu was absolutely amazing. Poached Eggs with asparagus, yogurt and corn...

...Black Forest Ham and Gruyere cheese on a Pullman Roll with mixed greens...

...and a seriously delicious Summer Burger topped with lettuce, onion, garlic aioli and a thick heirloom tomato.  My only small complaint would be the under-cooked fries but I didn't even get around to eating them since the burger was so big and wonderful.

Extra bonus points Hill Farmstead Edward on tap!  Not an angry Mr. T in sight at this brunch outing :)

The Reynard
80 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249